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April, 2016
The third book in the "Wands Of Merlin" series is well over half written and I am wrapping up the plot lines now. I hope to finish writing and doing my own edit this summer. That would allow a couple of good reviews and edits for a publication date of October 15.
The first book in the new Daniel Borders Mysteries series, "The Case of the Buried Kickstand",  is waiting for book three above to be off to the editors.  Then my focus will be on those twists and turns.
I am pleased to announce that in addition to being a contributing author, I am now an assistant editor at the very popular 
Don't let the name scare you off though. If you are a baby boomer or even approaching  your 50th birthday, drop by and read a few entries.
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Thank  you for stopping by.  I hope you have had the opportunity to read one of my books,  have gotten a handout card, or found this website during a search. On the left is the Books section. Just click on any of the titles or series.  I also have a few other sections you might want to look at and I will update these as I have time. 
     The History section concerns the Crabtree name and I am trying to connect what others have already written, to our branch of the family.
     The Gallery is where I'll post some of my favorite pictures. I have found that photography  is one of those long term hobbies you never stop having fun with. There have been times when my thirst for learning led me to learn another hobby, but it is still my favorite.
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     Thanks for reading,  David